Participants are formed into teams and challenged to produce a short film in two weeks. Teams are formed by the organitzation based on skills, experience and interests and the only premise given is a location within the city where their story has to begin. There is absolute freedom regarding genre and style and every group is responsible for organizing itself and making sure that they deliver the final cut of the short film on time.


Our mission is to help the local and international filmmaking community to strengthen ties and become more proactive. We offer an unique opportunity to inquiring and talented people by providing them with the means to grow and create.


Renowned film and entertainment professionals will offer master classes during the Kickoff Event.

"Working with complete strangers and producing something together was an amazing experience!"
Extract of a Festival interview


We will provide film permits, working areas, technical support and we will organize an Open Casting for the different groups to cast talent for their projects.

Who can

Whatever your skills/interests are – directing, scripting, producing, camera, light, sound, costume, make up, editing, music composition, special effects – the festival is open to everyone who is looking to learn, to make new contacts or to share their talents and create short films in a mindset of collaboration and spontaneity.